Welcome to Betty’s!

Do you ever long for the time when the best foods were those shared with your closest friends and neighbors?  When a simple gathering on the patio turned into an impromptu party?  And when chatting with friends and family brought as much pleasure as the aromas of your favorite foods simmering in the kitchen?


Those simple celebrations are alive at Betty’s Nosh, where you’ll not only enjoy great American food, but also great company. At Betty’s neighbors catch up with one another, families gather to celebrate birthdays and graduations. And business colleagues share ideas and become inspired.





You’re Going to Love to Nosh

Remember that feeling when you opened your mom’s refrigerator and every morsel, every taste was at your fingertips?  That’s the idea behind “Nosh”.  It’s smaller, flavorful portions of all your favorite foods. “Noshing” is creating an assortment of tastes, just to your liking. 


For those who prefer a slightly larger meal, no problem.  Betty’s has entrees of all sizes, sure to please.